Rack Mount Power Supply 24V AC 20A 18 Channels 1.5U 480 Watt For Security Cameras Leds


This 24vac cctv power supply could power up to 18 CCTV surveillance cameras with 24V AC voltage output. The rack psu is designed for security cameras, IR Illuminators, Video Process,Access Control and Led Light System.The main features of it is General Protection, Short Circuit Protection, High voltage protection, Over Current protection.

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1, General Protection:?Individual PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) Fuse and LED indicator on each output, when problem occurs, only affect the individual output, other outputs still working;

2, Short Circuit Protection: When short circuit occurs, Individual PTC Fuse will cut off the circuit and when breakdown removed, PTC fuse will automatically be restoring circuit;

3, High voltage protection:?When high voltage occurs, the surge protection will be hit through to protect the connected device;

4, Over Current protection: When over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status, when it is removed, then it will return to normal state;

5, Application: CCTV Camera, PTZ, IR Illuminators, Video Process,Access Control, etc.





Input Voltage RangeAC110V or 220V
Input Frequency Range60Hz or 50Hz
Output Voltage RangeAC24V+/-5%
Output Current20 Ampere
Output Power480 Watt
Output Channel18Channel
Output Fuse TypePTC
Output Fuse Rating2A
Environment Operatiing Amb.Temp-30℃~45℃ 20%~90%RH
Envionment Storage Temp-40℃~85℃ 10%~95%RH
Product Dimension482*200*65mm
Product Weight5.8 Kg
Transmission Distance100M
WarrantyOne Year

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